What Are OvernightSmile Aligners?

OvernightSmile® Clear Aligners are a series of thin plastic trays, created by a dentist, that fit over your teeth. They quickly and safely move teeth just like braces do but are clear/‘invisible’ and you can take them off!

How It Works

Our dentists first scan your moulds to make a 3D version of your teeth, then they use special technology to move the teeth in 3D.

Our team then send you a free, 3D Before and After of your teeth. Once you are happy to approve the plan and purchase the aligners.

We ship all your aligners to your door. You change every 2 weeks. Each new aligner has the teeth positioned a little better so they move the teeth, safely and quickly towards your final result.

Important Questions

Yes! OvernightSmile Aligners really work and have been proven in countless clinical studies to work effectively. In fact, all most all aligner systems work and have become the main way to straighten teeth in the last 10 years. Our patented orthodontic and treatment planning software and SmartMove® technology enable us to generate accurate 3D tooth movements and creates the quickest, safest path to straighter teeth.

We are different from other aligner companies in that our specialist team ensure we only take on cases that are 100% suitable for clear aligner cases. Some people may have more complex dental situations and require an orthodontist to treat this with in person visits. While this is a small minority of cases, it is very important for us to maintain the highest success rates so our team will let you know if you qualify for OvernightSmile® aligners during the free live consultation.

Most cases take 3 to 6 months but this can vary depending on your teeth and how good you are at wearing the aligners.

Our aligner system is designed with flexibility in mind. You can get great results from only 14 hours wear per day (that means while you sleep and a few hours before bed). However, the longer you wear them per day, in general, the faster you will achieve the desired result.

Our professional team of registered dentists and orthodontists will ask you to check-in via livechat (usually once every 4 weeks, but this can vary) to check on your progress and advise you. However our team are always available and you can get in touch 24/7 via the website livechat.

Taking impressions with our home impression kit is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. We provide clear instructions and support to ensure you can easily and accurately create the mould of your teeth from the comfort of your own home.

Yes! Our treatment plan that we provide free for anyone who has taken an impression with our kit is a 3D before and after of your teeth so you can see exactly what is changing and how your teeth will move into their perfect position, before you purchase our aligners.

How Do I Get Started?

Get Your Easy Impression Kit

Take your moulds at home with our simple impression kit. Pop on our prepaid shipping label and get your 3D before and after images and custom treatment plan within 24 hours!

24 Hour Custom Treatment Plan

Our specialist dental team will create your custom orthodontic treatment plan (3D Before & After) and send it to you for your approval before you purchase the aligners.

Aligners Produced in 7 Days.

Your custom clear aligners are created within 7 days and shipped to you. You can start seeing results in as little as 3 weeks and you are on your way to a perfect smile.

Straighter. Faster. Safer.

Aligner Pricing


Single Payment

An easy one-time payment. Your custom made clear aligners will be shipped to you within just seven days. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all purchases.


Pay In Three Installments

Split your payment into easy, manageable payments to get your aligners right away.*  £289/mo for three months. No Credit Checks!*

*Aligners are delivered in three batches after each successful payment. Please see terms and conditions for further details.
*Total payment is £867 and includes an administration fee of £68  Please see terms and conditions for further details.

Still not sure?

With OvernightSmile® you will get a FREE 3D Before & After Treatment Plan before you go ahead with any treatment. If you are still unsure – speak to one of our team of experts, live and get an instant answer.

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