Our Guarantee

Comprehensive 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • At OvernightSmile®, we understand the importance of making an informed decision about your dental care. Therefore, if within the first 30 days of receiving our clear aligners, you find they are not suitable for your needs due to manufacturing defects, we are committed to offering a full refund. This policy is designed to give you complete peace of mind during your initial experience with our product.
  • To activate this refund, customers are required to return the aligners to OvernightSmile®.
  • This 30-day evaluation period commences from the date your aligners are delivered to your address.
Treatment Outcome Guarantee
  • At OvernightSmile®, we stand behind the effectiveness of our aligner products with a robust Treatment Outcome Guarantee, assuring our valued clients that they will achieve the final outcome outlined in their personalized 3D Treatment Plan. Should the anticipated results not materialize by the end of the prescribed treatment period, we commit to providing additional refinement aligners free of charge. This commitment is contingent upon a few essential practices: Aligners must be worn consistently every day for the recommended duration, and clients are expected to keep daily, time-stamped progress photos and regular 4 weekly check-ins via the livechat. These photos, which serve as a vital record of compliance and assist in mapping out the treatment progress, are to be retained by the client and only need to be submitted to us if refinement aligners become necessary. Furthermore, clients must have had a dental checkup with a dentist, ensuring a clean bill of health within six months before starting aligner treatment. It’s important to note that the evaluation of treatment success will be based on comparing the real life end-of-treatment results (via a new mould/impression) with the initial 3D treatment plan “end result”, underscoring the objective achievement of planned outcomes rather than subjective satisfaction. The requirement for additional aligners hinges on documented adherence to these conditions, showcasing our mutual commitment to achieving your best smile.

Additional Financial Considerations
  • Administrative and Shipping Fees: Please note, while we endeavor to make this process as seamless as possible, returns are subject to an administrative fee of £89. Additionally, a shipping fee of £49 will be incurred to cover the costs associated with the return logistics. Any aligners that have been used are charged at £39 per aligner.
  • Finance and Installment Conditions: We also wish to highlight that for purchases completed through finance or instalment payment plans, eligibility for this guarantee is contingent upon all payments being made punctually and in full. Late or incomplete payments may render the guarantee void.
Mandatory Prerequesites
  • To ensure a transparent and fair return process, we require all customers considering a return to submit daily photographic evidence of aligner usage. These photos play a crucial role in demonstrating adherence to the treatment and are a prerequisite for processing any return request under the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • All statements made on the medical and dental history questionnaire in any recent checkups with independent dentists must be correct at the time of signing and must be validated by contemporaneous notes from the clinician(s) who carried out the relevant full dental checkup prior to your aligner course.
Statement of Truth Requirement
  • Accompanying these photographic submissions, a signed statement of truth is necessary. This statement should confirm that the aligners were worn in strict accordance with the prescribed treatment plan.
Expert Assessment for Returns
  • All returns are subject to a thorough review by our team of expert orthodontists at OvernightSmile®. This review process includes an examination of the aligners for wear patterns consistent with prescribed use, as well as an evaluation of the treatment’s adherence and progress.
Stipulations on Timeframe for Returns
  • The window for initiating a return under our 30-day guarantee is strictly limited to 30 days post-receipt of the aligners.
Conditions of Aligner Returns
  • For a return to be considered, aligners must be returned in their original state, free from any alterations or damage resulting from improper use.
Exclusions from Return Eligibility
  • It is important to note that returns based on regular wear and tear, or dissatisfaction with treatment progress when aligners have been used as instructed, do not qualify under our return policy.
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