Impression Kit Instructions

You must ensure to take both upper and lower moulds even if you only want to treat one arch. Practice putting the tray in your mouth before starting the process. If you find that the impression tray is too large or too small. Please contact us before using the impression putty and we can then send out replacement trays. The trays may appear different in some cases and other contents may vary.

Mix one small tub of white putty with one small tub of coloured putty (colours may vary) until they form a single colour with no streaks. *You must mix quickly as the putty will set fast* You will have about 45 seconds to 1 minute to mix the putty and place it in your mouth before it sets.

Quickly roll the putty into a sausage and using your thumbs gently push the putty to. Looking in a mirror, open your mouth as wide as you can and using both hands inset the impression tray in your mouth.

Make sure there is enough putty to capture the back and front surfaces of your teeth. Aim to position your teeth in the middle of the putty sausage, then push the putty slowly over the teeth ensuring the putty goes over all the teeth and gums but your teeth do not hit the bottom of the tray. Make sure you lift your lip up to avoid it getting caught in the mould.

After 4 minutes, push your index fingers up into your cheeks until you feel the rim of the tray and GENTLY pull away from the teeth until the tray comes free. Rinse with cold water and allow to dry naturally. Do not remove the putty from the impression tray.

Please follow steps 1 – 5 again this time for your lower impression. Place your completed impressions back into the box. Make sure to attach the pre-paid shipping label on the outside of the box and take it to a UPS Drop-off point (not just a post office). You can find your closest drop off point here :  If you do not have a label in the box, please check your email for a scannable bar code return label or please request one by email or contact us on our livechat.

Common Questions

Please refer to the images above however if you are unsure, take a clear photo of both impressions and send it to the customer support team via website livechat. They will guide you as to whether the impression is good enough or might need re-taking.

Our customer support team are available 24/7 via website livechat to guide you with taking the dental impressions if you are unsure.

Contact our customer support team via website livechat and they will ensure they a different sized, new set of trays is shipped to you at no-charge, if needed.

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